Echosonic Amp

Two Echosonics. Original cabinet design (left). 2nd generation cabinet (right).

The Echosonic amplifier was designed and hand-built by Ray Butts. While only 68 ever being built, the Echosonic found a unique place in history with a built-in tape echo (loop) unit. This patented tape loop echo system was one of the first guitar effects ever built, permanently installed in a high-quality custom-built guitar amp and speaker cabinet combo. First used publicly on a large-scale by Chet Atkins, Echosonic guitar combos have been used by many recording artists through the years including Luther Perkins (Johnny Cash), Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, and Scotty Moore.

Tim Masters is working with Katha (Butts) House to continue the legacy of Ray Butts and his vision. An effort to find the amps still in existence. This is an on-going process.Please contact Tim if you know of any or have questions.

For more information contact:

Tim Masters